Engine: DFGA
Transmission: 7 SPEED DUAL CLUTCH
Turbocharger: SINGLE GARRETT
Exhaust Upgrade Available: Yes
Turbocharger Upgrade Available: Yes
Intercooler Upgrade Available: Yes
Hi-Flow DPF: No
Special Notes:

About the Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TDI

The Volkswagen Tiguan 110TDI is a variant of the Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no specific variant called the Tiguan 110TDI. Volkswagen offers various engine options for the Tiguan, and the "TDI" designation typically refers to a turbocharged diesel engine.

The Tiguan is known for its stylish design, comfortable interior, and versatile capabilities. It offers a good balance of performance, fuel efficiency, and practicality. The vehicle is available in front-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations, depending on the market and specific model.

While I don't have the specific details on the Tiguan 110TDI variant, the Tiguan lineup generally includes a range of features such as touchscreen infotainment systems, advanced safety technologies, spacious interiors, and a variety of trim levels to suit different preferences and budgets.

Custom Dyno Tuning Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TDI

The Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TDI is equipped with a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine. The "TDI" designation stands for Turbocharged Direct Injection, which is Volkswagen's term for diesel engines. The specific power output and performance characteristics of the 2.0TDI engine may vary depending on the model year and market.

The 2.0TDI engine is known for its efficiency and torque output. It typically delivers good fuel economy while providing strong low-end torque, making it suitable for city driving and highway cruising. The power output of the 2.0TDI engine in the Tiguan can range from approximately 110 horsepower to 190 horsepower, again depending on the specific variant and model year.

Engine specifications can vary based on regional availability and specific model years.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TDI ECU Remap Tuning

Professional tuning of your Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TDI can enhance the car's performance, making it more responsive and sporty.

The tuning process involves adjusting the Engine Control Module (ECM) to increase horsepower and torque. This results in a more powerful car with improved acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TDI Performance Modifications

Upgrading the air intake system can improve airflow to the engine, potentially increasing power and responsiveness. This modification typically involves replacing the stock air filter with a high-flow performance air filter or installing a cold air intake system. Replacing the stock exhaust system with a performance exhaust can enhance engine efficiency and provide a sportier sound. It can also improve exhaust gas flow and potentially increase horsepower and torque.


A Stage 1 tuning package is a popular enhancement choice among diesel car enthusiasts seeking to boost their vehicle’s performance without compromising reliability or drivability.

The typical Stage 1 Diesel tuning package for a diesel car involves adjustments to the engine’s software or ECU (Engine Control Unit) to optimize its performance. This leads to a notable increase in power and torque, enhanced throttle response, and an overall improved driving experience.

These modifications contribute to heightened engine intake and exhaust flow, resulting in improved breathing and enhanced power delivery.

It’s crucial to recognize that any alterations to your diesel vehicle’s engine could potentially impact its reliability, emissions, and warranty. Consequently, it is advisable to select a reputable tuning company with expertise in diesel vehicles, capable of offering a customized tuning package tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.

In summary, a Stage 1 tuning package for diesel cars can be an excellent means to elevate performance and driving enjoyment. However, it is essential to carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits before proceeding with any modifications to your vehicle.

Stage 2 Package Inclusions:

  • Custom Dyno Tune (ECU Remap) or ECU Flash

A Stage 2 Diesel tuning package typically involves more comprehensive modifications to the engine and other performance components compared to a Stage 1 upgrade. This can encompass additional enhancements to the intake and exhaust systems, as well as upgrades to the intercooler.

Opting for a Stage 2 tuning package brings a notable increase in power and torque output when compared to a Stage 1 package. 

It’s crucial to bear in mind that a Stage 2 tuning package can have a substantial impact on your vehicle’s emissions. Thus, selecting a reputable and experienced tuning company is essential to receive a custom-tailored package that aligns with your specific goals and requirements.

If you’re contemplating a Stage 2 tuning package, a thorough consultation with the tuning company is recommended to discuss potential risks and benefits, as well as any necessary modifications for optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, it’s vital to ensure that all modifications comply with local emissions regulations and safety standards.

Stage 2 Package Inclusions:

  • Custom Dyno Tune (ECU Remap)
  • Intake/Intercooler Upgrade
  • Exhaust Upgrade

A Stage 3 Diesel tuning package typically involves substantial modifications to enhance overall performance. This may include upgrading critical components such as the turbocharger, intercooler, fuel system, intake and exhaust system, and potentially other upgrades depending on the requirements. Additionally, upgraded drivetrain and suspension components are often necessary to handle the increased power output.

Opting for a Stage 3 tuning package brings a significant boost in power and torque compared to Stage 1 or Stage 2 upgrades. However, it’s important to note that this level of modification is not recommended for daily drivers, as it may lead to reduced reliability, increased emissions, and decreased drivability in traffic.

It’s crucial to be aware that a Stage 3 tuning package may potentially void the factory warranty and could be deemed illegal in certain jurisdictions. Hence, selecting a reputable and experienced tuning company becomes essential to receive a customized package meeting specific goals and requirements, all while ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

In summary, a Stage 3 tuning package for a diesel vehicle represents a substantial upgrade, suitable for experienced and knowledgeable enthusiasts willing to accept the associated risks and compromises with this level of modification.

Stage 3 Package Inclusions:

  • Custom Dyno Tune (ECU Remap) Custom
  • Transmission Tune Cold
  • Air Intake Upgrade
  • Intercooler Upgrade
  • Turbo-Back Exhaust Upgrade


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