Performance Exhaust Systems

Added benefits of our enhanced exhaust systems reduce exhaust gas temperatures, allowing for greater tune-ability, give sharper, crisper response and a free feeling engine due to reduced back pressure, cooler operating temperatures under load and improved fuel economy.

An upgraded exhaust system can add exceptional responsiveness and acceleration in the right application. At Diesel Tuning Brisbane, our performance-driven, 3D-Scanned, CNC Mandrel Bent exhaust systems are designed to reduce pressure drop throughout the system, and increase exhaust gas flow, in turn boosting efficiency, resulting in increased torque and delivering a more pronounced exhaust note. Pairing an upgraded performance exhaust from Diesel Tuning Brisbane with our professional ECU Remap yields unparalleled results, and makes for a desirable package for all popular makes and models.

At Diesel Tuning Brisbane, we offer a range of high-quality, ADR-Approved performance exhaust systems, specific to your requirements. Whether it’s a 70 Series Land Cruiser V8, the latest G-Class Mercedes-Benz, our market-leading exhaust systems are built with quality, fit and function in mind, to provide sharper throttle response, improved economy and a more pronounced exhaust note without any irritating drone.

Choose from 409, 441, or our premium grade 304-Grade Hi-Polish finish systems to suit your requirements.

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