1307, 2018

FAQ – Diesel Particulate Filters

Lately, we've had a lot of questions about exhaust systems, but more notably, DPFs. The DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter acts as a part of exhaust system for the diesel-oriented vehicles to trap smoke (soot) and heavy particulates produced by the combustion of the engine. The DPF is very important component for manufacturers to maintain and meet the Euro emission standards which are becoming more stringent, although these filters have some drawbacks as well. The DPF block causes back pressure [...]

907, 2018

Diesel ECU Remapping – What you MUST know

ECU Remapping, Flash Tuning, ECU Re-flash, whatever you would like to refer to it as, is becoming more mainstream, but believe me there is a difference between these terms. As more and more businesses attempt to join this industry, it is alarming at some of the work, and rework that we have been seeing lately. Petrol performance tuners, are now jumping on-board the Diesel Tuning bandwagon and are increasingly becoming more common in their scope (some of which can do [...]

1401, 2018

TECH-TORQUE! – ECU Remapping and Flash Tuning; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Are you confused? Don’t worry, and don’t be embarrassed. Take a spot in line with thousands of others just like yourself. Read on and we guarantee in the next 5 minutes you will have a far greater understanding of this dark art that seems to be as just full of creative whispers among the elusive forum warrior. This is the truth about Common Rail Diesel ECU Tuning… Today, it seems everyone is offering “Diesel Tuning” services and claim to be [...]

707, 2016

TECH-TORQUE! – EGR – The Ugly Truth

Every day, without fail, I get asked about EGR systems (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Devices). I’ve heard some very creative stories that seem to stem from the world of the internet forum warriors. It appears that everybody has completed their google degree on Emissions Control equipment on modern Common Rail Diesel vehicles and has their own solution. With every customer being just as confused, or misinformed as the last, I have set about writing this article to educate you about the [...]