Boutique Service, without voiding your new car warranty. We use OEM approved oils & parts.


Unlock the true potential of your Diesel vehicle and 4x4 with a professional ECU Remap in our racing-level facility.


We offer a range of high-quality, ADR-Approved performance exhaust systems, specific to your requirements.


Thorough cleaning of the Intake Manifold itself, the EGR Valve and Intake Pipes should be done every 50,000km.

Based on 59 reviews
I had my Y62 Patrol tuned a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed with the results and the professionalism from these guys. The car drives much better and fuel economy has improved. Very happy with the results. Highly recommended.
We dont usually do reviews, however in this case we felt that it was must for DTB. From the start to the finish of our experience with Jordan, Eve and the rest of DTB team everything was outstanding!! The care and workmanship in which they showed towards our brand new LC was superb!! We would (& have) highly reccommend DTB to everyone as they are one of the most professional workshops / businesses that we have had the pleasure of dealing with. Our LC runs like a dream! Thank you DTB!
Cary Winton
Cary Winton
Took my 2015 Ford Territory in for its 165k service. Upon changing cam belt further issues found. Perry and the team very professional and thorough. Highly recommend these guys to look after your vehicle. I will definitely be back.
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson
I had a Dyno tune on my 2023 Indian Chief after fitting of new exhausts and air filter They were a pleasure to deal with and the service was amazing The results to my bike were well above expectations and I now have a beautifully responsive and controlled ride. A great result from a great bunch of very professional people Thank you
NunesFamily Bellmere
NunesFamily Bellmere
The guys at Diesel Tunning Brisbane really looked after me with my 5.7 hemi Jeep. The car was running better than ever, and they went through everything that they found was wrong (which wasn’t much) and ran through everything that they did. Not only that, gave me a heap of options for improving the performance of my car, which is something my wife and I will be following up on in the near future. I really appreciated the level of care they took with my car, and the level of exceptional work they did to my car. Thank you Diesel Tunning Brisbane, you now have another loyal customer👍
David Rowland
David Rowland
Beyond helpful for any questions or issues I had.
Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant
Diesel tuning Brisbane were amazing to deal with. I was apprehensive before getting my car tuned and they took the time to talk things through and answered the many questions I had. Best experience ever! My 2016 Mazda BT50 performs incredible I got a tune and a few extra mods done 2 years ago and have done 60k km with zero issues. Their workmanship is top notch. I highly recommend these guys, you won’t be disappointed!
Eva Banks
Eva Banks
Jordan and the team at Diesel Tuning Brisbane know what they are doing I feel very comfortable leaving my car with them. Their workmanship and customer service is great. I will be bringing my car back again. Very trustworthy service!
Ben Daniels
Ben Daniels
Highly satisfied with the service from this Brisbane-based tuning company! My BMW 1 Series received a full service, delivering remarkable results—improved performance and efficiency. Kudos to the skilled professionals; their commitment to customer satisfaction truly shines. Highly recommended for fellow car enthusiasts or anyone needing professional services!



Step into our state-of-the-art performance tuning center, where precision meets innovation in our professionally enclosed dyno room facility. 

In our performance tuning center, precision is paramount. Our technicians leverage this wealth of data to fine-tune every aspect of your vehicle’s performance, crafting a bespoke tuning solution tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you’re seeking maximum horsepower, improved fuel efficiency, or enhanced drivability, our dyno room facility is where your automotive dreams become a reality.

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Performance Tuning Brisbane specialises in professional ECU Remapping and has extensive knowledge in this area. It is our core business, and we excel in it.

We use the latest tuning tools in our modern workshop and have a state-of-the-art dyno tuning facility, all in-house.

We also have in-house tuning technicians and do not rely on pre-purchased or overseas files, unlike many other tuning companies in Australia.


Our tuning processes typically provide a 20-30% Power increase at the wheels of most vehicles without the need for further supporting modifications.

In most cases, this is the power figure that the manufacturer states, now available to you at the wheels, rather than the engine itself.

We are able to harness the true potential of your Diesel engine within the manufacturer’s pre-determined safety limitations.

This is checked with a Dyno test before and after tuning is completed.



Torque is the ability to transform the rotational force of engine power into forward driving motion. The more Torque an engine can reliably produce, the more efficiency there is for us.

Diesel engines produce more torque at low engine RPM. Petrol engines produce more Torque at higher engine RPM.

A vehicle with more torque needs less open throttle to maintain the same speed at the same condition, resulting in

  • Less fuel burned,
  • A more responsive vehicle,
  • A safer vehicle due to improved response.

With more Torque and Power after tuning, the differences are very noticeable right away.

We increase power and torque in safe areas, to ensure maximum reliability.



With more torque available and improved thermal efficiency of the engine possible after tuning, less throttle input is needed to maintain same cruising speed, which it means that less fuel is required to be burned.

It is common for our clients to report that our ECU Remap has improved fuel economy of 1-2L/100km or 10%-20% in a large number of cases.