Torque is the ability to transform the rotational force of engine power into forward driving motion. The more Torque an engine can reliably produce, the more efficiency there is for us.

Diesel engines produce more torque at low engine RPM. Petrol engines produce more Torque at higher engine RPM.

A vehicle with more torque needs less open throttle to maintain the same speed at the same condition, resulting in

  • Less fuel burned,
  • A more responsive vehicle,
  • A safer vehicle due to improved response.

With more Torque and Power after tuning, the differences are very noticeable right away.

We increase power and torque in safe areas, to ensure maximum reliability.



Our tuning processes typically provide a 20-30% Power increase at the wheels of most vehicles without the need for further supporting modifications.


In most cases, this is the power figure that the manufacturer states, now available to you at the wheels, rather than the engine itself.

We are able to harness the true potential of your Diesel engine within the manufacturer’s pre-determined safety limitations.

This is checked with a Dyno test before and after tuning is completed.



With more torque available and improved thermal efficiency of the engine possible after tuning, less throttle input is needed to maintain same cruising speed, which it means that less fuel is required to be burned.

It is common for our clients to report that our ECU Remap has improved fuel economy of 1-2L/100km or 10%-20% in a large number of cases.



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