Intercooler Upgrades

This provides a denser air charge to the cylinders, allowing a more complete burning of the fuel particles during engine operation. This in turn, allows for reduced operating temperatures, improved volumetric efficiency for tune-ability, and increased reliability for the engine when operating under heavy loads or hot, harsh environments.

Thermofan kits, airbox upgrades, and charge air cooler upgrades are best complimented well with a performance exhaust system and compound the foundational benefits provided by a professional ECU remap in your Diesel. By increasing and improving the quality of airflow to your engine, and increasing gas flow expelled by the engine, the performance and efficiency of your Diesel engine is greatly improved.

This is especially important for turbocharged Diesel tuning. Upgrading the charge air cooling system (often incorrectly referred to as intercooling), is important for reducing charge air temperature and increasing the density of the air delivered to the engine by the turbocharger. A Diesel engine is effectively an air pump, and the turbocharger boosts the vehicles thermal and volumetric efficiency, however, when this charge air is compressed, it generates heat, which is undesirable for optimal engine performance. The cooler, and denser the air charge, the more efficient, and more powerful the engine can run.
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