A professional ECU Remap by Diesel Tuning Brisbane is the first step to optimising your vehicle performance and economy. Unleashing your vehicle’s true potential by fine-tuning the powertrain functionality to deliver optimal performance makes a Diesel vehicle enjoyable to drive each time you turn the key; however, an ECU Remap is only the foundation offering the best return for investment.

We encourage our guests to have their Diesel ECU Remap here in Brisbane to establish a solid foundation for further modification in the latter stages. By unleashing the true potential of your vehicle with standard hardware, you can make provision for further performance capabilities and pair performance upgrades and modifications that further enhance the driving experience and capabilities of your Diesel vehicle with the advantages that only Professional level ECU tuning provides.

Here are three most popular upgrades to complement a Professional ECU Remap and achieve peak performance from your Diesel Tuning here in Brisbane.

#1 – Maximise Exhaust Gas Flow & Reduce Pressure Drop with an Upgraded Exhaust System

An upgraded exhaust system can add exceptional responsiveness and acceleration in the right application. At Diesel Tuning Brisbane, our performance-driven, 3D-Scanned, CNC Mandrel Bent exhaust systems are designed to reduce pressure drop throughout the system, and increase exhaust gas flow, in turn boosting efficiency, resulting in increased torque and delivering a more pronounced exhaust note. Pairing an upgraded performance exhaust from Diesel Tuning Brisbane with our professional ECU Remap yields unparalleled results, and makes for a desirable package for all popular makes and models.

At Diesel Tuning Brisbane, we offer a range of high-quality, ADR-Approved performance exhaust systems, specific to your requirements. Whether it’s a 70 Series Land Cruiser V8, the latest G-Class Mercedes-Benz, our market-leading exhaust systems are built with quality, fit and function in mind, to provide sharper throttle response, improved economy and a more pronounced exhaust note without any irritating drone.

 Choose from 409, 441, or our premium grade 304-Grade Hi-Polish finish systems to suit your requirements.

3 Must-Do Upgrades To Support Your ECU Remap Diesel Tuning Brisbane

#2 – Improve Engine Efficiency with Air Intake & Charge Air Cooler Upgrades

The next step is to upgrade your induction system. This is especially important for turbocharged Diesel tuning. Upgrading the charge air cooling system (often incorrectly referred to as intercooling), is important for reducing charge air temperature and increasing the density of the air delivered to the engine by the turbocharger. A Diesel engine is effectively an air pump, and the turbocharger boosts the vehicles thermal and volumetric efficiency, however, when this charge air is compressed, it generates heat, which is undesirable for optimal engine performance. The cooler, and denser the air charge, the more efficient, and more powerful the engine can run.

Thermofan kits, airbox upgrades, and charge air cooler upgrades are best complimented well with a performance exhaust system and compound the foundational benefits provided by a professional ECU remap in your Diesel. By increasing and improving the quality of airflow to your engine, and increasing gas flow expelled by the engine, the performance and efficiency of your Diesel engine is greatly improved.

#3 – Install an Upgraded Turbocharger

The most obvious upgrade you can pair with our professional ECU remap is to install an upgraded turbocharger. With the correct knowledge and combinations, a turbocharger upgrade gives provision for additional headroom when tuning, or when guest requirements exceed the capabilities of the OEM hardware.

Our chosen turbo upgrade brand of choice is Garrett, and for good reason. The global market leading manufacturer have their own performance division, for which Diesel Tuning Brisbane are proud partners for the research and development process. As Garrett Approved Performance Centre, we have access to all inside information for the latest Garrett performance turbochargers , designed to match your specific Diesel vehicle model, as well as all the necessary training, components and state-of-the-art workshop facilities to ensure safe installation and effective results.

If you are seeking more than the average upgrade, for more than the average car, then a Turbocharger upgrade paired with a professional ECU Remap and performance exhaust system by Diesel Tuning Brisbane is the upgrade for you.

Why is ECU Remapping is Better than Chip Tuning?

A professional ECU remap by Diesel Tuning Brisbane is the most cost-effective and safest method for Diesel tuning near Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to boost vehicle performance. This is because our calibrators and tuning technicians can use the facotry software from your vehicle, make a copy and create a tuning calibation that adjusts how the engine works and is designed specifically for your vehicle, accounting for all of it’s individual characteristics. 

This can include new performance upgrades you install to enhance the results of a professional, individually tailored tune. The tailored mapping we implement can works in perfect combination with the right modifications to enhance overall performance, and even extend engine life.

This means that can enjoy a sustainable, improved overall driving performance boost that will last longer than any chip tuning could offer.

Chip tuning, usally involves altering the signals within existing hardware to implement changes in how your vehicle’s engine runs. It involves adjusting values, manipulating sensors and offsetting voltages sent to your ECU from various signals around the vehicle. This means that performance can be improved, however can be risky, short lived or even unstable. 


Why does a Professional ECU Remap Work Better with Additional Performance Upgrades?

A Professional ECU remap by Diesel Tuning Brisbane is the single most cost-effective performance improvement available for your Diesel vehicle tuning near Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas.

If yeilds exceptional performance improvements, but is best when used in conjunction with the correct, matched components. 

At Diesel Tuning Brisbane, our Tailored ECM Tuning (ECU Remap) service will provide you with the best basis for your performance upgrades. We can tailor any additional modifications you pair with our ECU remap to ensure that they work together in the most efficient way to provide superior results. Together, these options will give you powerful and reliable engine performance from your Diesel Tuning.

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