ECU Remapping is for drivers who are seeking more from their vehicle with a Common Rain Diesel engine. Whether that be ambition be for;

• Torque and Power,
• Improved responsiveness,
• Enhanced towing ability and/or,
• Improved fuel economy.


As Brisbane’s certified UniChip Agent, our range of UniChip modules gives us the ability to make tuning changes in live time with a supplementary management module, without interfering with the OEM computer.

A UniChip Q4 Module is a supplementary engine management system that works in conjunction with the factory ECU.


The most common cause of performance and fuel economy loss in late-model Diesel engines equipped with an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system is clogging of the intake manifold with oil vapour and carbon build-up.

This buildup leads to the air supply channels to the engine to be completely closed off.


We are able to fabricate performance enhancing exhaust systems specifically to your liking to suit any application. Often, OEM exhaust systems are restrictive and can hinder a vehicles performance and reduce fuel economy under loaded or towing operations.


Our Intercooler kits are designed with performance and reliability in mind, aimed at reducing the intake air temperature and ability to flow. This provides a denser air charge to the cylinders, allowing a more complete burning of the fuel particles during engine operation.


Our range of Turbocharger enhancements are available for those who are performance inclined. We offer a full Turbocharger custom build-on-exchange service.  Our Turbochagers can be tailor-built to suit your liking, by using only genuine components.