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Multi-Mapping is a complex tuning service Diesel Tuning Brisbane offer for supported models. Our calibration and tuning team utilise advanced software and hardware to log CANBUS signals throughout the vehicle’s control systems and make software changes to certain triggers and values within the engine control module, allowing the factory control unit to store utilise multiple maps at the request of the driver.

Diesel Tuning Brisbane Landcruiser VDJ79 Map Switch-On-The-Fly

Multi-Mapping Standard Features

  1. Immobiliser Mode  – The vehicle does not start
  2. Valet Mode – Limits vehicle to 150RPM/40km/h)
  3. Eco/Tow Mode – Suitable for towing/economical driving
  4. Power Mode – Optimal torque and response. Calibration is still suitable for towing.
  5. Sport Mode – Power mode with hard-cut rev limiter
  6. Sport + Mode – Ghost Cam and Special Features.

Other features and maps are customisable at your request but may be limited by vehicle features. 

DTB Multi-Mapping Standard Features:

  • Six position rotary switch
  • Colour Coded LED Light Map Select Indicator
  • Patch Harness to revert vehicle to stock
  • Up to 6 tuning calibrations

DTB Multi-Mapping Premium Features:

  • Mobile Device Map Select
  • CANBUS Integrated Map Select (for vehicles equipped with applicable CAN functions)
  • Personal Programming Interface
  • Patch Harness to revert vehicle to stock
  • Up to 6 tuning calibrations

Until recently, only high-end racing and performance vehicles models had the ability to store multiple maps within their control unit. With advances in technology and software engineering, Diesel Tuning Brisbane can bring world championship motor racing technology to your everyday vehicle, all within the bounds of OEM control systems.

For discerning and passionate vehicle owners that require more than the standard tuning service from their vehicle, Multi-Mapping by Diesel Tuning Brisbane is the ideal solution. Thanks to our calibrators and tuning technicians, you can completely customise the performance and capability of your of your vehicle!

Vehicle Models Currently Supported:

  • TOYOTA LANDCRUISER VDJ76/78/79 2015-2022
  • TOYOTA HILUX GUN126 2015-2022
  • TOYOTA PRADO GDJ150 2015-2022
  • TOYOTA FORTUNA GUN126 2015-2022

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