This combined with NoX gases from the EGR system causes the vapours to build up and eventually choke off the intake and air supply to the engine, causing a loss of power, poor fuel economy and in some instances excessive exhaust smoke on vehicles not fitted with particulate filters.

Diesel engines and EGR in Australia

Most Diesel engine models have been known to have issues with their EGR systems, particularly in Australia, due to the harsh operating conditions in the region. If the EGR system is not regularly serviced or maintained, it can become clogged with oil and soot, which can lead to reduced engine performance and reliability issues. It is important for owners of these vehicles to have their EGR systems regularly inspected and cleaned or replaced as needed to ensure optimal engine performance and reliability.

Additionally, using high-quality fuel and lubricants and performing regular maintenance can also help to mitigate these issues and ensure the longevity of the EGR system.

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EGRs are necessary for emissions compliance, but they can impact engine performance. Performance tuning solutions, such as software upgrades, remapping the engine management system, and installing high-flow air filters, can help to improve engine performance even with an EGR system installed. These solutions can optimize the engine’s fuel delivery and air/fuel ratio, resulting in improved power and torque. Notably, a reputable and experienced professional like Diesel Tuning Brisbane should always do Diesel performance tuning to ensure the vehicle remains compliant with emissions regulations.

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