Many tuners over-tune the OEM Turbocharger when tuning a high-performance Diesel engine to produce results for the client, often over-speeding the OEM Turbocharger and relying on heat from fuel being burned to produce power which often leads to premature Turbocharger failure for their customer.

Our Turbochagers can be tailor-built to suit your liking, by using only genuine components and quality test equipment. Each Turbocharger is hand-built and tested prior to ever fitting to a vehicle, allowing us to provide a premium quality product that is reliable and safe for the application.

The most obvious upgrade you can pair with our professional ECU remap is to install an upgraded turbocharger. With the correct knowledge and combinations, a turbocharger upgrade gives provision for additional headroom when tuning, or when guest requirements exceed the capabilities of the OEM hardware.

Our chosen turbo upgrade brand of choice is Garrett, and for good reason. The global market leading manufacturer have their own performance division, for which Diesel Tuning Brisbane are proud partners for the research and development process. As Garrett Approved Performance Centre, we have access to all inside information for the latest Garrett performance turbochargers , designed to match your specific Diesel vehicle model, as well as all the necessary training, components and state-of-the-art workshop facilities to ensure safe installation and effective results.

If you are seeking more than the average upgrade, for more than the average car, then a Turbocharger upgrade paired with a professional ECU Remap and performance exhaust system by Diesel Tuning Brisbane is the upgrade for you.

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