Q:”What about my factory warranty?”

A:Simply put, no; an ECU Remap performed by Diesel Tuning Brisbane will not void your factory warranty.

WHY:The processes used in our ECU Remap will not remove any “Limitation Maps” which are in-built into the operating platform for vehicle safety and engine protection by the manufacturer during their testing. We are able to achieve great results without the need to remove these maps or work outside of the efficiency zone of the engine. This is can be done, but is an unsafe and unreliable practice to be avoided. The process of our ECU Remapping is also most often un-detectable by dealership scanners due to the equipment we use and for most vehicles is completely non-invasive to the vehicle components. Being able to tune via the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port means there is no parts moved or disturbed during the tuning process. We have the ability to save, store and re-load your Original File, retuning the vehicle to its standard condition for you at any time.

​Why does my dealer tell me this?

Dealerships are renowned for attempting to void warranties for items as simple as aftermarket tyres and wheels, and do so to prevent any re-work at their expense. It is the same for ECU Remapping. In the event of a warranty concern, Tune-Tech industries will happily re-load your Stock Operating File to ensure your peace of mind before your scheduled dealership service if you are unsure.

Q: “I can get this cheaper”

A:You probably can, but what are you actually getting?

​What do you mean?

There are organizations that offer “ECU Remapping” at very low rates. It is important you understand the differences of genuine ECU Remapping and generic “Flash Tuning” where a provider will simply purchase a file and load it to your vehicle with no clue what the data entails and no chance of re-loading your original platform. Be wary of clever marketing and cheaper prices. Good work is never cheaper, and cheap work is never better.

Q: “What about my fuel economy?”

A: It usually improves!

WHY: Most drivers are what we refer to as “heavy footed”. This essentially means that we like to get moving to meet our deadlines, and sometimes ask a bit much of the throttle pedal to do that. What our ECU Remapping method does, is give you more Torque on demand with a lesser throttle input from the driver, delivering forward motion with less “Tr active Effort” from the vehicle. Essentially, we get you moving quicker, in less time, with less effort, therefore using less fuel. It’s all a part of the balance.

Q: “What if I’m not happy?”

A: We are yet to have a client unhappy with the result.


Because we take pride in our workmanship and offer premium level workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction. We’ve spent hours testing our method before releasing any sort of product to the public market. We guarantee improvements in Torque and Power.

What is a Diesel ECU Remap

An ECU Remap is the process of changing parameters inside the Engine Control Unit. Maps such as Boost Pressure, Fuel Injection Volumes, Injection Duration, Injector Timing, Throttle Response, Air Intake, Torque Reduction, etc. This is the best way to increase performances and reduce fuel consumption of a Diesel Engine.

A standalone ECU or External Tuning Module can be used for extreme and high performance applications which also require tuning by a skilled technician.

ECU Remap vs External Chip Boxes

External “Plug’nPlay” Chips are unreliable and risky simply because they cheat the ECU by giving false reading of feedback values from various engine sensors in such a way that the ECU will bump add more fuel and more boost pressure. A false reading of a simple engine sensor could ultimately lead to turbo or engine failure.