Hailing from one of the most iconic brands in the country, Indian Motorcycles represents one of the oldest American motorcycle companies. With a rich history, they’ve honed their craft to create high-performing and reliable builds. At Diesel and Performance Tuning Brisbane, we deeply respect this brand’s legacy and express our admiration by offering top-notch Indian motorcycle parts to their buyers. These components enable you to elevate your model’s speed and engine output, significantly enhancing its overall performance for an unparalleled riding experience. We provide Indian motorcycle performance tuning and parts for 34 models, including the latest 2023-Current range with the new Bosch MG1CA007 ECU to transform your piece of history into a modern-day speed machine. The tuning process is similiar to that of a high performance car, because the new MG1CA007 Bosch ECU with special tuning protection, requires advanced tools to program the ECU memory, and calibratiosn to made in hexidecemimal or binary format for accurate control.

Employing WinOLS for calibrations

WinOLS is a popular and powerful calibration software used primarily by professional calibrators in the aftermarket for modifying and fine-tuning the control maps of vehicles, especially in the context of performance tuning, often referred to as chip tuning or remapping. Developed by EVC Electronic, WinOLS is highly regarded in the automotive tuning community for its comprehensive features and capabilities. Here’s an explanation of some of its key aspects:

  1. Map Editing and Visualization: WinOLS provides a user-friendly interface that allows tuners to access and modify the various maps stored in a vehicle’s ECU. These maps control parameters such as fuel injection timing, ignition timing, turbocharger boost pressure, and more. The software offers visual representations of these maps in 2D and 3D graphs, making it easier for users to understand and manipulate them.

  2. Map Searching: WinOLS offers powerful search and filter functions to help tuners quickly locate specific maps within the ECU’s binary data. This is essential when working with complex ECU files, which can contain numerous maps and data tables.

  3. Checksum Correction: When you modify ECU maps, it’s crucial to recalculate and correct the checksum values to ensure the modified file remains compatible with the ECU. WinOLS automates this process, reducing the risk of ECU communication errors and potential damage.

  4. Compatibility: WinOLS supports a wide range of ECU types from various vehicle manufacturers. However, it’s important to note that access to certain ECUs may require additional hardware or subscriptions, depending on the manufacturer’s security protocols.

  5. Hexadecimal and Decimal Editing: Tuners can modify ECU maps using either hexadecimal or decimal values, depending on their preference and familiarity. This flexibility caters to a wide range of skill levels.

  6. Map Recognition: WinOLS can identify potenital maps within an ECU file, simplifying the tuning process by eliminating the need to manually locate some maps.

  7. Import and Export Capabilities: Users can import and export map files in various formats, making it possible to share and collaborate on tuning projects with others.

  8. Project Management: The software allows tuners to organize and manage their tuning projects efficiently. This includes saving multiple versions of modified files and keeping track of changes made during the tuning process.

  9. Additional Plugins: WinOLS supports third-party plugins that extend its functionality. These plugins may offer specialized tools or additional map definitions for specific vehicle models or ECU types.

  10. Security Features: WinOLS takes measures to protect against unauthorized use, including licensing agreements to ensure that the software is used responsibly and legally.

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Indian Challenger 2023-2024 ECU Remap Custom Dyno Tuning Brisbane
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Indian Motorcycle Tuning Brisbane

Custom Dyno Tuning for Indian Challenger, Pursuit, Cheif and Scout

Your INDIAN 2023-2024 can become significantly less enjoyable when riding due to aspects of ECU calibrations are now designed to meet global emissions standards for worldwide exports, especially when fuels are of different quality around the world, and you add accessories to improve your Indian Challenger’s performance, which often requires tuning to receive the full benefits.

Many riders feel frustrated while riding, and the surging at cruise can even make simple overtaking a big problem. Applying full-throttle is a natural reaction when they think their INDIAN 2023-2024 of performing as they expect.

This is because this engine design is meant to deliver a strong “torque” delivery and towing force at middle ranges of engine speed (2000-4000rpm). As a result, the rider cannot complete an overtake even at full throttle if driving on a gently sloping road with a medium load onboard.

This results in potentially unsafe riding conditions and higher fuel consumption.

2023-2024 Indian ECU Remap

ECU Remapping typically provides your INDIAN 2023-2024  an additional 10 Horsepower of power and 10% of extra torque with a 15NM gain over stock, with the correct parts, on 98 Octane pump fuel, resulting in a much more responsive and safer bike. We can also give an extra 500rpm of engine speed, without harming the engine, allowing for a much more enjoyable riding experience.

We have factory INDIAN Diagnostic Tools, so you can be assured your INDIAN ROADMASTER and PURSUIT is in the best of care. Every INDIAN 2023-2024 receives the latest factory calibration update to your ECU before tuning as a complimentary service with our ECU Remap.

For optimum results, adding a performance exhaust system and performance air filter is recommended for best results when tuning your INDIAN 2023-2024.


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