TCM tuning, or tuning of the Transmission Control Module in your Diesel vehicle, is an often underrated, somewhat unknown, yet very advantageous technique when looking to enhance your Diesel vehicle’s economy and performance.

Just as with engine tuning (ECU Remap), Diesel Tuning Brisbane have an in-depth knowledge of Automatic Transmission Tuning.

We have invested in the most modern, cutting edge of tools and software to ensure your Automatic Transmission tuning and performance upgrade requirements are covered in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our Tailored TCM Tuning service provides exceptional results, including lowered transmission fluid and component temperatures, improved driveability, a more sporty driving experience and even better fuel economy.

As the most trusted Diesel Tuning and repair centre near Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast,  you can be assured your vehicle is in the very best of care with us.

Our expert technicians and calibrators have vast tuning experience across many models, and have even developed custom remaps and written directories for file structures on on behalf of other tuning companies.

We provide expert advice and professional recommencations of the tuning approach most suitable for your specific application, and whether or not we believe you will genuinely benefit from the outcome.

Diesel Tuning Brisbane can even be assist with aftermarket transmission control systems, and automatic conversions, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series V8 or tuning of your Dual Clutch Transmission found in Audi, Mercedes-AMG, Kia and Hyundai amongst others.

Getting the Most Out of Your Diesel Engine with Tailored TCM and DCT Tuning

There is a multitude of benefits to having your TCM professionally remapped. Some of most common reasons to invest in Tailored TCM Tuning with Diesel Tuning Brisbane is to improve drivability, aid in the reduction of transmission temperature, and create an overall improved driving experience.

Another is to improve fuel economy for avid travellers. By altering the transmission shift scheduling, you can improve fuel economy without compromising vehicle performance. This is a cost-effective way to save money at the pump, and reduce your carbon emissions over time.


TCM Tuning for Toyota Automatic Transmissions

The Transmission Control Module, or “TCM”, is a computerised module, similar to many others equipped on new vehicles. It electronically controls your vehicle’s transmission with a “drive-by-wire” funtion via the CAN (Control Area Network) system. It monitors sensors throughout the vehicle ECM (Engine Control Module) and CPC (Computer Powertrain Control in some Mercedes-Benz/AMG models) to make sure the transmission is operating as the factory engineers and software desingers intended and adapts as necessary.

TCM tuning is the process of altering the TCM’s programming to improve performance resulting in a particular outcome. This can be completed with several methods, although the most reliable and consistent method is by programming the TCM with altered, updated or entirely new software, very similiar to that of an ECU Remap.

If you are aiming to improve vehicle drivability, Diesel Tuning Brisbane’s Tailored TCM Tuning is an effective and affordable option.  TCM tuning also enhances the driveability of the vehicle when combined with other perfromance enhancements, such our ECU Remapping, which is recommended on most modern vehicles equipped with Automatic transmissions for optimal results. 


Toyota Transmission Diesel Tuning Brisbane

TCM Tuning for 8 Speed ZF Transmissions

Conventional automatic transmission implement a  planetary gear set, clutch packs and a Torque Converter to facilitate smooth gear changes. This design drawback also creates some losses, since its operation is based on a liquid used to transfer the force.

Some of the most common automatic transmissions are of this type, including several generations of G-Tronic gearboxes used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, or Tiptronic gearboxes used in Volkswagen/Audi/Skoda/Seat vehicles. The ZF Series 8-speed torque converter automatic is one of the most commonly utilised transmissions installed in many European vehicles models including BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover models.

The smoothness of gear changes is a major advantage, however, with losses created by the torque converter prior to locking, this kind of gearbox can be very slow to react. Tailored TCM Tuning can substantially improve this, especially if it is completed in synchronisation with a pofessional ECU Remap.


Dual Clutch DCT Tuning Diesel Tuning Brisbane

DCT Tuning for Dual Clutch Transmissions

Dual-clutch transmissions have two clutches, usually implemented in a way that the first clutch controls “odd number gears” and the second clutch controls “even numbered gears”. For instance, on a 6-speed dual-clutch, one clutch controls gears 1, 3, 5 and the second clutch controls gears 2, 4, 6 respectively.

This design allows for gears to be pre-engaged, and for gears to be shifted almost instantaneusoly at the precise moment. 

The most common DCT transmissions include;

  • DSG used by Volkswagen
  • DKG used by BMW
  • Powershift used by Ford
  • 7G-DCT & 9G-DCT used by Mercedes and AMG
  • SpeedShift used in AMG vehicles,
  • PDK in Porsche
  • S-Tronic used by Audi and many more

In a DCT transmission, there is no torque converter loss, therefore fuel efficiency is usually improved with a modern DCT. The design flaw however, is that issues arise with the complex electronic control system.

To mitigate this, the straightforward mechanical system can be finitely controlled the TCM. Professionally calibrating the DCT Transmission enables Diesel Tuning Brisbane adapt its operation to your requirements. This is paramount for your consideration, especially if you are completing an ECU Remap for improved performance on luxury European and even Korean Hyundai and Kia model cars.


DCT/DSG Kia/Hyundai/VAG Tuning Brisbane

What Can We Change with Tailored TCM Tuning? 

Each transmission, vehicle and application is differnent, however, common examples include;

  • Shift Scheduling – Shift timing relative to engine/throttle position/input shaft speed or a combination.
  • Shift Speed – The time taken to disengage and engage gears.
  • Kickdown recalibration/removal. Vehicle and application dependant. Reduces/removes kickdown under load.
  • Torque Limits – Best suited in conjunction with ECU Remap. Best suited in conjunction with ECU Remap.
  • Clutch Clamp Pressure – To withstand additional torque/power. Best suited in conjunction with ECU Remap
  • Free/Manual Shifting – Usually in Sport or Sport + Modes
  • S-Tronic used by Audi and many more
  • Launch Control – Usually utlised with ECU Remap on DCT models.
  • Left Foot braking – Usually utlised with ECU Remap on DCT models. Allows for heel/toe instad of stalling the car.
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The Most Trusted Diesel and Transmission Tuning In Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast

Tailored TCM tuning is also highly advisable for Diesel and Performance vehicle owners that have increased their power or torque outputs through performance upgrades to ECU Remapping.

If the transmission does not have calibration changes input to the operating software, the transmission can prematurely fail, leading to costly repairs and inconvenient downtime. In some models, a custom built or upgraded transmission may be advisable. Upgrades can be made to the Torque Converter, Clutch Packs, and the use of Billet Components such as Input Shafts and Valve Body upgrades.

Diesel Tuning Brisbane have an in-depth understanding of how the TCM operates, its design principles and calibration techniques. We speciliase in the Tailroed TCM Tuning of Toyota, Ford, BMW, Merceds-AMG, VAG Group, Kia and Hyundai models.

What Tailored TCM Tuning unique at Diesel Tuning Brisbane is that we are master calibrators, able to complete custom recalibrations on your TCM, rather than using pre-purchased files like many other tuning companies in Australia.

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