Before Diesel tuning, or any dyno tuning, it’s important to make sure your car is fit and ready for tuning before makign a booking. If you feel your car has problems, it should be booked for an inspection or repair in our modern service and repair workshop first, not for an ECU Remap in our tuning facility. Here are 7 Important Checks Before Your ECU Remap that should be made to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle is ready for tuning:

Check #1 – Engine Condition

Check the engine for any issues, such as oil leaks, worn-out components, or other problems that may affect the performance of your car. If any issues are found, it is advisable to address them before tuning your car to avoid disappointment on tuning day and to avoid costly repairs. 

At Diesel Tuning Brisbane, our experienced technicians are tuning masters but also expert technicians. If we find an underlying issue with the vehicle, it will be reported to our service and repair department before we can begin an ECU Remap. 

If you feel your car has problems, it should be booked for an inspection or repair first, not tuning. 

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Jeep Grand Cherokee ECU Remap Diesel Tuning Brisbane

Check #2 – Tyre Condition

Ensure that your tyres are in good condition and properly inflated. Poorly maintained and expired tyres are road safety issues and affect the handling and performance of your vehicle. If the tuning technicians at Diesel Tuning Brisbane inspect the car to find expired, damaged or punctured tyres, we cannot complete our ECU Remap safely, because it risks damaging your car, our equipment, and the safety of our technicians. 

Checking your tyres and ensuring they are in suitable condition, ensures we can complete your ECU Remap without problems or needing to replace or repair tyres and punctures, adding additional costs to your ECU Remap, or delays in completing the tuning. 

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Diesel Tuning Brisbane Pre ECU Remap Checks - Tyre Condition

Check #3 – Brakes

Check your brakes for any issues, such as worn-out pads or rotors. Brakes are an essential safety feature, and it is vital to ensure they are in good working condition before tuning your car. Remember, tuning technicians and calibrators at Diesel Tuning Brisbane will need to drive your car when tuning your ECU Remap. 

It is essential for the road safety of you, your family, our technicians and other motorists, that the car’s braking system is in correct working condition. We also need to operate your car on our dyno. This includes loading and unloading the car, where we need to use the braking system. If your brakes are not in good condition, your car will need to go to our service and repair department, where you will be advised of the problems, delaying your tuning and possibly costing more money to repair first. 

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Diesel Tuning Brisbane Pre ECU Remap Checks - Brakes

Check #4 – Fuel System

Ensure that the fuel system, including the fuel injectors and fuel pump, is in good working condition. A well-functioning fuel system is important for optimal engine performance. If your car has problems with the economy, blowing smoke, or strange noises, chances are it does not need a tuning booking but an inspection and diagnosis of the cause of the problem first. 

If your car has problems with noises, blows smoke, blocks the DPF or has a strange smell, we can repair this before tuning in our service and repair department, but you may have more costs and your ECU Remap will take longer to complete, because repairs will need to be completed first. 

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Check #5 – Electrical System

The CAN (Control Area Network) and associated electrical system is the central nervous system of your car. In modern cars, this includes the battery, and alternator. To ensure that they are in good working condition ensures that we do not have complications when completing your ECU Remap.

A well-functioning electrical system is necessary for reliable engine performance and to ensure we do not have programming problems, even with our state-of-the-art battery stabiliser and other equipment, it is best to ensure the batter and electrical system is in good condition, ready for tuning to obtain optimal results.

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Check #6 – Exhaust System

Check the exhaust system for any issues, such as leaks, DPF blockages or broken components. A well-functioning exhaust system is important for engine performance, especially when tuning and for reducing emissions as much as possible. 

A blocked DPF, broken or cracked exhaust or hangars means the car may be unsuitabel for tuning the ECU Remap. DPF blockages will need to be cleaned or replaced and diagnosed why they occurred, to begin with, costing more time and money. 

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A broken exhaust may be dangerous for road safety and could pose a safety risk to our technicians and equipment. If the exhaust system shows signs of wear, is broken from offroad use, or speedbumps or has other problems, it should be repaired or replaced before booking your ECU Remap. 

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Diesel Tuning Brisbane Performance Exhaust System

Check #7 – Cooling System

Check the cooling system, including the radiator, water pump, and thermostat, to ensure it is in good working condition. A well-functioning cooling system prevents engine overheating and dire engine damage.

If your car has an overheating problem or coolant leak, it is not safe nor a good practice to complete an ECU Remap. 

Other items, such as EGR Coolers, can often crack, break and cause cause overheating problems or engine damage, or both! This can be easily misdiagnosed as a cylinder head gasket or cylinder head fault.

Checking the cooling system with a pressure and gas test is vital before tuning a modern Diesel engine and is included with a Diesel Tuning Brisbane Professional ECU Remap to ensure you do not experience problems or cause engine damage. 

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Intercooler Upgrade Diesel Tuning Brisbane

It’s essential to have a professional technician inspect your car before tuning it to ensure that it is in good condition. A detailed inspection just like at Diesel Tuning Brisbane can mitigate the risk of tuning a compromised car, save a lot of money on repairs and quickly address any issues that may affect the performance and safety of your vehicle.

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