Indian MG1CA007 WinOLS tuner mappack A2L DAMOS


Part Number: Indian MG1CA007

Vehicle Suitability:

Stage 3 tuner mappack for Indian motorcycle MG1CA007 ECU, all known software versions.

All maps provided for Stage 3 tuning calibration, inclusive of highly detailed, map axis, factors, and file structure.

Pricing is for an .olsx mappack specific to your WinOLS client number. Please provide your WinOLS client number when purchasing. If you require an unlocked ols mappack, please contact us – POA.


  • Detailed Torque Model
  • Detailed Torque Limits
  • Lambda Control
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Model
  • Ignition Timing
  • Knock Control
  • Knock Detection
  • Many more

Indian motorcycle MG1CA007 WinOLS Mappack/DAMOS/A2L. Suits all known software versions of 1103-1700cc capacity engines with MG1CA007  ECU.

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