As Brisbane’s certified UniChip Agent, our range of UniChip modules gives us the ability to make tuning changes in live time with a supplementary management module that controls parameters similar to an ECU Remap, without ever interfering with the OEM computer.

A Unichip Q4 Module is a supplementary engine management system that works in conjunction with the factory ECU. The Unichip Q4 system is far more advanced than a generic plug-in performance “chip”.

This range is individually programmable to meet the requirements of the engine and application. Being fully adjustable, with the option for us to tune up to 5 different maps to suit your application, this allows the driver to change settings at any time via a switch installed in the vehicle cabin, or via Bluetooth app on your smartphone.

The Q4 Module has built-in safety features such as closed loop exhaust gas temperature sensors and coolant temperature sensors to ensure the in-built safety features pre-programmed by the manufacturer are still in place, much like our ECU Remap. No modification of the OEM wiring harness is required, and for your peace of mind, once the module is removed there is no electronic footprint left behind for your dealership to find.

Kia Stinger GT tuning
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