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Passive Regeneration is an approach used to oxidise Particulate Matter (PM) in the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). In contrast to higher temperature Active Regeneration, Passive Regeneration uses normal exhaust temperatures and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) as the catalyst to oxidise PM in the DPF. Users benefit from the simplicity of the passive regeneration process, and fewer components make it a lightweight and easily installed solution.

Euro Stage V/U.S. EPA Tier 5 Final emissions standards have reduced the amount of Particulate Matter (commonly known as soot) entering the atmosphere by up to 98% when compared with emissions from non-regulated engines. Ultra-fine Particulates pass through and are captured by the DPF. This achieves the required reduction without compromising machine reliability and productivity. Over time, these Particulates build up, causing a blockage in the wall-style filter used in OEM applications.

Passive regeneration helps to reduce engine wear by avoiding the “Washdown Effect” that occurs with most Active Systems, improving fuel economy, and reducing Oil Contamination, therefore reducing engine wear, and maintenance costs for the user.

To maintain the performance of the DPF, passive regeneration is used to oxidise the Particulate Matter within the filter. It’s a continuous process that allows the DPF to perform as intended without the need to raise the temperature by using an additional fuel source.






  • Designed to be service free, and fit for life
  • Suitable for all conditions: From outback touring, to mining applications
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Zero Oil Contamination
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Enhances Torque and Power output
  • Improves Driving Experience
Ford Ranger PX2-3 Hi-Flow DPF

Passive regeneration occurs, to some extent, in all DPF systems. We have systems available for the most common vehicle makes and models in Australia– so there’s no need for expensive OEM systems, or inferior, aftermarket active systems.

If you’re looking for a simple solution that is invisible to the operator, passive regeneration is a logical choice. There are no extra lights or controls to increase the operator’s workload. It’s a continuous process, allowing the DPF to perform as intended, and as a service-free system, operators don’t have to worry during the life of the machine.

Our Passive DPF delivers reliable operation over a wide variety of applications and duty cycles. Out in the field, on site, or for your personal vehicle. This means excellent fuel consumption, no disruption to the operator, no downtime and, therefore, increased productivity and reduced expenses for you.

A fully functioning Passive/Active style Euro5 system inclusive of DOC and DPF filter meets and exceeds Euro5. (Some of our clients prefer these when not tuning to be considered “legal”). This is supplied with a Certificate and Serial Number. This is a system that has an improvement in flow across the DPF Core of up to 22% over the OEM unit, with improved loading capacity, while also significantly reducing the C02 emissions, as well as Particulate Matter reduction by up to 99% given the correct application. Tuning is not required but recommended for optimum results.

Toyota Landcruiser VDJ200 ECU Remap Diesel Tuning Brisbane
Ford Ranger PX2 PX3 ECU Remap Diesel Tuning Brisbane

A passive system reaches up to 90% PM reduction, requiring specific tuning for correct operation and emissions. This is a more cost-effective option and is more popular with vehicle owners who tune their vehicle and add performance upgrades, as ADR79/04 compliance in respect to invisible, gaseous emissions is often not met with modified turbochargers and tuning under the legislation. Despite this, a passive system allows for roadworthy and insurance aspects to remain covered, as there is no requirement  for a specific style of system, or use a specific technology for exhaust after-treatments to be utilised. A passive style DPF system utilises a Euro5 DOC, and Particulate Matter reduction is up to 90%, which is equal to, (and in a vast majority of cases) exceeds that of the OEM unit which complies with the current ADR79/04 and Euro5 standards in the way of C02, and HC emissions (with correct tuning).

Our Hi-Flow unit works by utilising an Oxidizing process caused by a reaction from the NOx exhaust gases when it is mixed at the correct temperature with the coating inside the unit. This process occurs at around 300 degrees Celsius. This temperature is achieved at most cruise speeds and highway running, and of course under high-load, heavy operation and higher engine speeds, hence the term “Passive Regeneration DPF”, which can be combined with the Euro5 core for improved loading, and longer intervals between regerations. It is also a direct fitment, meaning that your OEM DPF remains undamaged, and is returned to every guest. 

Ford Ranger PX2 PX3 ECU Remap Diesel Tuning Brisbane

Other advantages of the system are;

  • Zero/Reduced oil contamination due to the active re-gen process, which promotes engine longevity
  • Improved fuel economy (most clients report a 2-3L/100km improvement)
  • Reduced maintenance costs 
  • A natural improvement in torque and power
  • A largely improved driving experience
  • A much more profound, crisper exhaust note when combined with a DPF-Back system

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Kev Cracknell 10/2020

Google Review
Thanks Jordan for the great advise and fantastic results you and the team at Diesel Tuning Brisbane delivered in our new 2020 Land Cruiser Sahara. From my first phone call Jordans knowledge and experience shone through, he took the time to make recommendations give us options and explain the process and answer all our questions.We would certainly recommend Diesel Tuning Brisbane for any performance work. The difference in our Land Cruiser with the new DPFs and Tune is amazing.

Tony Conlan 11/2020

Google Review
I recently had a new high flow DPF fitted to my 76 series LandCruiser. In the lead-up, I received prompt and detailed responses to all of my questions and it was easy to arrange a booking. Jordan's workmanship is neat and professional. I was also satisfied with the cost to have the work completed. The replacement DPF has resulted in smoother power, a noticeable improvement in fuel economy and resolved the excessive heat issue with the old DPF. I have no hesitation recommending Diesel Tuning Brisbane.

Paul Webb 11/2020

Google Review
Just had my Ranger Px Mk2 Tuned by Jordan . What a terrific improvement to my vehicle. Much smoother to drive and a nice improvement to it’s power for towing . Excellent and honest advice, from start to finish . Very Happy .

Tim Miles 11/2020

Google Review
Very happy with the service, Jordan's communication with the customer is excellent, great knowledge and workmanship. Highly recommend.

Budgetmoto 11/2020

Google Review
I took my Hilux in to Jordan at Diesel tuning Brisbane a bit unsure, if I was doing the right thing. I explained what I wanted and he delivered everything I asked for and more. Unbelievable improvement I actually love driving my car now. Well worth the money and I would recommend them to anyone.

Damien Goossens 02/2021

Facebook Reviews
I called Diesel Tune Brisbane as i was concered about the performance of my BT50. I spoke to Jordan . He was amazing from the fisrt contact. My Bt50 was blowing smoke and running a bit rough. After a very quick diagnosis Jordan advised I had 2 injectors that were in very bad condition and leaking . after he provided me with some photos and a great explanation of what was needed along with a quote. I agreed to go forward with the repair. Jordan also replace the timing belt and advised of a couple of things to look at at next service. My BT50 is now running great. Its responsive , runs clean and sounds good again.
Jordan done a great job and end cost was slightly less then quote..
I would highly recommend this business to anyone with a diesel.
Thanks Jordan .... Ill be back

Demi J 08/2021

Facebook Reviews
These guys did an immaculate job on my car. Jordan was very informative and and the office staff were proficient and helpful. I will definitely be coming back here for all my future services 👍🏽

Jodie Carl 02/2021

Google Review
Thank you Diesel Tuning Brisbane! They were very helpful in my unique situation recently and helped me with exactly what I needed and more on the Dyno.. very friendly, great customer service and professional staff, was a pleasant experience. I will be going back for anything needing service from DTB, highly recommend! Great work guys and good luck in your new location looks great.👍👍👍👍👍

Rhys Gooding 01/2021

Google Review
I recently had DPF problems, called up Jordan at Diesel Tuning Brisbane and he was more than accommodating to fit me into his busy schedule. He explained the issue and provided me with several options and got my car back on the road ASAP.
Would highly recommend Jordan and will not take my car anywhere else from now on!

Steve Williams 03/2021

Google Review
Great service